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Ajay Leisure Products
Alberto Culver Co.
Atwood Yachts, Inc.
Barton Brands
Bison River LLC
E.J. Brach’s
A.J. Canfield Co.
Chilmark Partners
Citre Shine
Culligan International Co.
Edy’s Grand Ice Cream
Eli Chicago Finest, Inc.
Ferrara Pan Candy
Fortune Brands
Future Brands
Gonnella Baking Co,
Goose Island Beer Co.
Grohe Corporation of America
Heath Zenith
Helene Curtis Industries
Hewitt Associates
Jim Beam Brands, Co.
Johnstown America Corporation
Kellogg Company
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Kraft General Foods, Inc.
Lang Ice Company
LaPreferida, Inc.
The Leo Burnett Co.
Lifeway Foods
Manville Corporation
Miller Brewing Company
John Morrell & Co.
Paterno Imports
Pepsi Americas
Planters/Lifesavers Company
Premark International
Price Waterhouse
Purity Foods, Inc.
Quaker Oats Company
Ralcorp Frozen Bakery Products
Riverwood International Corporation
Shure Brothers, Inc.
Spalding Sporting Goods Sun Mountain Sports
Sunwin Stevia International
Tenneco Automotive
Texor Petroleum
Toufayan Bakeries
Uncle B’s Bakery
Unocal Corporation
Vienna Sausage Mfg.
W. Clement Stone Co.
World’s Finest Chocolate
William Wrigley Jr. Co.